The PLWF created a Watershed Plan Steering Committee in 2017 to guide the process of updating the original 10-year Portage Lake Watershed Management Plan, which had been approved in 2008.   In the summer of 2017, the Steering Committee held a Watershed Open House to kick off the plan updating process and did an online survey of visitors’ and residents’ opinions about water quality, lake access, and related topics.  In 2018, the PLWF held a public forum to encourage public involvement with the watershed management plan update process, before submitting the proposed plan update to EGLE for approval.  After they received initial comments from EGLE, the PLWF made changes to the plan and held four informal gatherings to receive public input.  The PLWF submitted a revised plan to EGLE in September 2019.  EGLE approved the updated plan in March 2020 and the USEPA approved it in July 2020.

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