2019 Watershed Plan 10 year Goals

Goal 1 - Public Health: Ensure that participants in water-based recreation are not exposed to pathogens or toxic chemicals, and are not consuming water, wild fish or wildlife with contaminants in excess of advisories.

Public Health Tasks 

Goal 2-Aquatic Ecosystem:  Protect the quality of water resources and other essential habitats in the watershed to maintain the integrity and functions of the aquatic ecosystem. 

Aquatic Ecosystem Tasks

Goal 3 - Water-Based Recreation:  Protect and enhance the quality of and access to water-based recreational opportunities within the watershed for people of all ages and abilities.

Water Recreation Tasks

Goal 4 -  Natural Resources and Cultural Assets:  Invest in protection and enhancement of land-based natural resources and related cultural assets that provide recreational and educational benefits specific to the watershed that contribute to the quality of life and economic well-being of watershed residents and to the vacation experience of visitors.

Natural Resources Tasks

Goal 5 - Local Management and Implementation Institutions and Community Education:  Establish mechanisms for sustained local leadership, community engagement, and fundraising to implement and update the 10 year watershed plan.

Local Leadership Tasks

Goal 6 - Information and Education:  Promote public awareness about watershed issues that support effective implementation of the 10 year watershed plan goals, objectives, and tasks.  

Education Tasks